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Collina warns PL over VAR

FIFA referees chief Pierluigi Collina has said the Premier League must use VAR to check whether goalkeepers have moved off the line during penalties.

The issue has caused controversy at the Women’s World Cup in France, where several penalties have had to be retaken because goalkeepers have moved off the line during a spot-kick.

The Premier League will see VAR introduced for the first time when the new season starts in August and the Professional Game Match Official Limited (PGMOL), who oversee referees in the division, want officials on the field to make these decisions and not VAR.

They want to avoid a situation where every penalty could be reviewed to check the goalkeeper’s position.

“I didn’t see any document in which this is written. The laws are the same all over the world,” Collina said.

“What is written in the laws of the game has to be enforced in every one of the countries that belong to FIFA, and in every one of the competitions arranged by the member associations of FIFA. The laws of the game are for everybody.”

A new rule on goalkeepers having one foot on the line was introduced by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) shortly before the Women’s World Cup to address the issue of goalkeeper encroachment at penalties.

It played a big part in Scotland’s exit from the tournament. A retaken injury time penalty from Argentina to make it 3-3 eliminated the Scots after they had led the match 3-0.

Scotland goalkeeper Lee Alexander saved the first penalty from Argentina’s Florencia Bonsegundo but VAR ruled she had stepped off her line and it was retaken.

The PGMOL say VAR is an ongoing process and will continue to be looked at during the season.

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